Design Build

Though not as commonly seen as a CM or GC delivery, Design/Build is another useful project delivery method. Instead of bidding after design with separate contracts for a designer and a builder, the owner hires a company to create the design and implement the construction process simultaneously and under one contract.

Design-build is typically used when an opportunity exists or is needed for the owner to save time by having construction begin before the final design has been completed.

Design-build emphasizes a partnership for project delivery which leverages the expertise of team members, and aligns budget, schedule and construction goals so all parties work together collaboratively. Key advantages to the Design/Build approach are:

  • Single point of contract responsibility
  • Efficient, cost-effective, constructable design
  • Enhanced control of schedule and budget
  • Improved coordination between designer and builder
  • Collaborative team approach

In a Design/Build delivery, the owner contracts with the builder who serves as the main point of contact and is responsible for delivering both the design and construction as well as overall management and responsibility for a turn key project.